Creative, with attention to detail, on time


    Media Management


    I have held various positions, for example as Head of Marketing for German private TV programs in Switzerland and as Head of Business Development for the marketing company of Swiss public broadcasting SRF. I led a team of marketing specialists.

    Corporate Communications


    I regularly create press releases and media kits as ghostwriter for companies. For example, Tempus Corporate (ZEIT Verlag, Hamburg) employs me as an author for their publications about medium-sized companies and family businesses .



    For many years I have been responsible for regional culture at the Landbote (Winterthur/CH). As a freelance journalist I have also written about culture and travel in the national daily newspapers NZZ, FAZ and SonntagsZeitung, as well as in international art and travel magazines.

    Public relations


    I know the requirements for a PR officer from my work at the Dance Department of the Zurich University of the Arts. Here a completely new corporate design, including a website, was developed for the target group.

    Content marketing


    Content marketing offers useful information or entertainment - with your company as sender. Blogs, newsletters, e-books or your own websites can fulfill this task. My areas of expertise include premium hotels and award-winning restaurants.

    Social Media Managemet


    A Facebook post is not yet a successful campaign. A highly frequented Instagram account does not sell anything automatically. Let a certified social media manager advise you on the right balance between effort and return.




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